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On this episode, Hall is joined by Arthur Veytsman of Immerse. Before investing in early-stage companies, Arthur started his career UI consulting and after seven years of consulting work with various companies, decided to leave and invest in his businesses. According to Arthur, his thesis has always been how to apply technology to an operation to make it better and to make it more profitable. He wanted to start a business that's technology-oriented and work on some piece of technology that makes it better, amongst the competition. As an investor, he likes to invest in companies that he understands and can relate to.

Arthurs advice to new investors is to be careful about just great ideas because those are a dime a dozen. Many people can come up with good ideas, but the company that grabs his attention is one that has prior success and management team. Again, that success has to be proven in the same space. Even if an idea is mediocre, with the proper management team, it can happen.

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