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On this episode, Hall is joined by Anu Shukla of Before Anu started her career in Silicon Valley working for companies in the marketing, automation and E-commerce space. She then started a company called Rubric, it was one of the pioneers of defining enterprise marketing automation, there were no enterprise tools for marketing available before that, and the company had a successful exit. She then went on to found a company called Offerpal, which changed its name to Tapjoy. It was a mobile advertising network that reached hundreds of millions of users. Anu was also in the payment space with a company called RewardsPay, which she still runs, that does alternative currency payments and now involved with investing and working with a team to get off the ground.

In this episode, you'll hear Anu's unique views on the AI space and what advice she'd give to those investing. According to Anu, she's a firm believer in AI but one must define what that means. The time for AI and its permeation into all different types of computing has come. So whether you talk about self-driving cars, or robots in factories, or in the case of software you talk about artificial intelligence being applied to marketing and sales or customer surveys, where it's trying to initiate and manage conversations and natural language, she thinks it's permeating everywhere and is a big area of investment.

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