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In this episode, Hall is joined by Shawn Flynn of Silicon Valley-based TechCode. Before Shawn began investing in early-stage companies, he spent over 4 years living and conducting business in Beijing, China. While there, he founded three companies, one of which succeeded. Returning to the U.S., he ended up in Silicon Valley working at a startup in sales. After making contacts and meeting angel investors, he started volunteering, working his way up to the investment director of the Angel Group. Eventually, he was recruited by TechCode to work in business development and screen potential companies.

Shawn shares his advice on investing in startups, especially for those who are just now beginning their career. Shawn advises investors to have a long-term mindset and ask a lot of questions before they write their first check. He also talks about trends in the venture market, such as overseas companies being further along before they try to enter the Silicon Valley market.

Shawn speaks about TechCode's investment thesis, and some of the companies they've brought on. He also discusses some of the challenges, such as uncertainty with regulatory issues as it relates to overseas investing. Shawn goes over some of the sectors he feels are especially promising for the future. Finally, he emphasizes the importance of long-term strategy, patience when it comes to raising funding, and building relationships.

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