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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Kalman Saffran of Summa Management.As the episode kicks off, Kal speaks about his background before Summa Management. A self described  businessman/scientist/engineer, Kal started out at the laboratory of the nucleus science at MIT. He then became an entrepreneur founding three companies, one of which is Summa Management. In between MIT and building businesses, Kal was also a corporate staff member at a fortune 100 company, United Brands Company.Kal and his partners jumped into the Ai space after selling off a previous company. After researching state of the art ideas in the field it was determined that a new theory had to be developed and that theory would be dependent upon large amounts of data and large amounts of processing. So they took a so called big data approach to the data and artificial intelligence approach to the process.In this episode, Kal gives his advice for people jumping into the Ai space and what to look for. He says that investors should look for new out of the box approaches to quantitative trading. Those should hold the highest returns.Kal also gives his views on where he sees big data in the Ai space moving and most importantly, where it is evolving. He also gives advice to those looking to invest and much more.

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