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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Mick Connors, CEO and Founder at Anytime Pediatrics and Anytime Telehealth, Inc.


Mick was inspired to get into the medical field and pediatrics after his brother passed away from pediatric cancer before he was born. It's been a lifelong passion. In his career in pediatric emergency medicine he is seeing more and more fragmentation of care, with children going into many different varieties of healthcare opportunities. When he developed the concept of Anytime pediatrics, he wanted to connect patients and families to the right care at the right time.


Mick gives his advice on what investors should look at when going into and investing in healthcare. According to Mick, in general everyone is looking for ways to save costs. He encourages the investors to look at the long track record of the medical home, the primary care practices, because the data is all there. Connecting patients with their primary care provider and not fragmenting care is really the only thing that's ever been shown to lower healthcare costs. His hope is that investors will see that opportunity through solutions. As with Anytime Pediatrics, they're trying to create that hub back to the primary care provider and then be able to connect them with all the important services that they need.


In this episode, Hall and Mick also discuss the growth rate of telemedicine technology and approximately how many companies are involved. They also speak about the challenges and risks that need to be overcome. They also touch on how Anytime Pediatrics puts trust into the system.


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