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Hall is joined by Matthew Jordan of Limitless Crypto Investments. Before entering the crypto space, Matthews background was developing healthcare solutions for doctors and patients. He purchased his first Bitcoin in 2013 unsure of the technology and followed the same route as many others. He bought his first bitcoin in 2015. Matthew wasn't really sure about the tech, and looked at in terms of kind of having skin in the game. In the healthcare side, you actually look at personal health records, electronic health records, and you see the platform and how doctors transact data, how it goes back and forth, which hospitals use what and the network effect. And so that's when he came into the platform tokens in terms of these platforms like ethereum how they really caught his eye and he took a deep dive into the technology.Matthew says he started looking at some of the application tokens, looked at some of the application companies and basically started the fund in August 2017 and landed where he is now.

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