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In this episode, Hall T. Martin is joined by Glenn Argenbright of Quake Capital. As we kick off the interview, you learn Glenn’s background and how he got into early stage investing as well as what led him to Quake Capital. Glen has been on both sides of the table as a startup and investor, and he gives his insight on what should be looked for in early stage companies. Hall and Glenn also speak about the quickly evolving VC world and where it's headed. In this episode, you’ also learn about Quake Capitals investment thesis and specific criteria they look out for. Other key elements discussed are challenges faced by startups to achieve their goals and the main risks that stand out during deal flow for a successful exit.

A little about Quake Capital- Quake Capital is a seed and early stage venture capital fund and accelerator program. Their investments are about more than just money-- through their accelerator program, teams receive world-class coaching, personalized mentorship targeted at each company's specific needs, and access to our extensive network of investors and strategic partners.

About Glenn-  Glen is a founding partner at Quake Capital. Glenn has over 20 years’ experience operating and running a variety of private, pre-IPO, and public technology companies. He has founded over a dozen startup ventures, resulting in three public offerings, 9 exits, and billions in shareholder returns. His background includes expertise and projects in software, firmware, middleware, hardware, enterprise, SAAS, consumer goods, and Web and mobile applications.

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