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In this episode, Hall T. Martin conducts an interview with Jonathan Heiliger of Vertex Ventures. They kick off the interview learning how Jonathan got into early stage investing as well as what his fund focuses on. In this episode, Jonathan also shares his views on:


  • The continued landscape change in enterprise software
  • Outsourcing to the cloud and how it continues to progress
  • Data governance and data privacy is coming to the forefront as witnessed by the launch of GDPR
  • Industry 4.0--digitization across the heavy industries
  • $90B of direct spend on industrial IoT will be spent
  • Blockchain and 3D printers and other technologies will eliminate spare parts and provide them upon demand.

A little about Vertex Venture: They seek founders who want to tackle fundamental challenges. People who identify with a problem or concern that’s kept them up late at night — broken tools, broken lines of communication, broken processes, broken boundaries of trust.

Sometimes this will require new skills; sometimes it will require different processes. Sometimes, it will require a completely new organization.

Whichever of these is necessary is ultimately beside the point, because there is just one result when the solution is in place and the naysayers have bought in to the vision: Things will simply be better.


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