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In this episode, Hall welcomes Adam Weiler, CEO of Sunken Stone.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Sunken Stone is a turnkey performance-based Amazon marketing solution that handles everything from marketing, to brand launch, content, inventory, and customer service on the platform. 

Sunken Stone’s proven four-pillar process gives sellers the ability to dramatically increase sales and ROI without adding to their workload. Since opening their doors in 2017, Sunken Stone has helped more than 100 7-8 figure brands generate over $100M in sales.

When it comes to Amazon, Adam gets it. He’s always been an entrepreneur and marketer, but it was about 12 years ago when he jumped headfirst into the Amazon game. Since that time, the accomplishments and milestones have piled up. Today his company, Sunken Stone, is a Top-500 Amazon seller, has shipped over 2 million orders on the platform, and now helps over 80 brands successfully grow and scale their business by using the Amazon sales channel.

Adam received both his Bachelor’s in Political Science and MBA from San Diego State University and still volunteers at the University’s Lavin Entrepreneurship Center to help young entrepreneurs launch their ideas and businesses.

When he’s not helping companies expand on Amazon, there’s a good chance you’ll find him at a local coffee shop (pre-COVID), cooking up a favorite dish at home, or hanging with his family at the numerous Seattle dog parks. Unless of course, it’s football season. Then you’ll find him meticulously tracking his Jets and fantasy football team(s)!

In this interview, Adam explains what led him to start working in this sector. He shares his thoughts on how he sees the industry evolving and advises investors in the space.

You can visit Sunken Stone at

Adam can be contacted via LinkedIn at, and via email at

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