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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Tanika De Souza, CEO at High Octane Teams (HOT).

HOT is an offshore staffing agency, focused on systemizing your process to streamline growth. It is focused on hiring Virtual International Staff to fit the client’s specific needs and company culture. Their VAs come in to not only handle the workload but to help clients systemize and document their processes. Their goal is to help them be more organized to reduce defect rates and increase productivity.

Tanika started her first business in 2009 and grew it to over 100 employees. Her virtual staff is trained to create SOPs, systemize your business processes, and report KPIs for their department. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in hiring and managing teams.

Tanika shares the transformative power of virtual international staffing in response to shifts in the US job market, with an emphasis on the intersection of AI and staffing processes. Tanika talks about the delicate balance between AI verification and applicant misrepresentation, highlighting the importance of candidates skilled in AI tools to remain valuable in the workforce. 

Tanika also explores the challenges and rewards of the staffing industry, revealing the potential to positively impact lives in various countries through remote work opportunities. 

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