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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Zeke Trezise, Associate investor of New Stack Ventures and a member of the Full Ratchet podcast team.

Located in Chicago, IL, USA, New Stack Ventures is specialized in pre-seed and seed funding for startups led by entrepreneurs outside the traditional Silicon Valley mold. With a mission to empower underrepresented talent, they invest in a diverse range of sectors such as B2B SaaS, Fintech, and Healthcare. They also stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring their agility in the ever-evolving startup financing landscape. In addition to financial support, New Stack Ventures offers strategic guidance and mentorship to portfolio companies. 

The Full Ratchet podcast is a popular and influential resource in the world of venture capital and startup investing. Hosted by Nick Moran, a seasoned venture capitalist himself, the podcast features in-depth conversations with industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, providing valuable insights and analysis on various topics related to startups, fundraising, and investment strategies. 

Zeke Trezise is a dedicated venture capital investor with expertise in early-stage investments. His diverse industry knowledge has helped build a balanced and robust portfolio for New Stack Ventures while supporting the success of numerous startups.

Zeke comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has always had a strong interest in business and finance. Zeke's background includes working with startups, sourcing new promising startups, and assisting with diligence on investment deals. He believes in the importance of focus and clarity in startups, and his role primarily revolves around deal flow and evaluating potential investments. 

Zeke is also interested in the trends and developments in the venture capital world, including the democratization of access to investments and the impact of crowdfunding.

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