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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Bentley Adams, CEO & Founder at Way.

Located in Los Angeles, CA, Way is an intuitive eating app that helps people find peace in their relationships with food and their body. Their mission is to impact health and happiness, with a vision of the future where restrictive diets are a thing of the past - where people discuss listening to their body instead of what diet plan they’re failing on.

Through simple, thought-provoking questions and sessions that incorporate intuitive eating practices and apply them within the CBT framework, Way has helped 73% of users think differently about how they eat or actually eat differently (i.e. at the grocery store or restaurant), in the first week. Most apps struggle to get 10% of customers to benefit, ever.

Bentley is a mission-oriented, three-time health entrepreneur. The first company was a VC-backed laboratory management company that exited successfully to Private Equity and the second company was a digital marketing agency focused on the consumerization of healthcare and became an Inc. 500 company.

Earlier in his career he was a top producer for Beckman Coulter and audited Medicaid while at KPMG, but his passion has always stemmed from his mission to impact health and happiness and his college minor studying physiology, functional movement, and the emotional and psychological layers of helping people find lasting behavior change that betters their whole life, health, and happiness.

Bentley shares the unique approach and differentiation of his company, from its competitors Unlike restrictive diets, Way focuses on intuitive eating and cognitive behavioral therapy to create sustainable and long-term changes in eating behavior.

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