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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Sarah Jennings, Director of Beyond Angels, and Co-Founder at Beyond Capital Funds.

Located in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, The Beyond Capital Funds invests alongside established VCs targeting Late-Seed to Series A investment opportunities in disruptive innovation such as Artificial Intelligence, Next Generation Internet, Software as a Service, and other attractive industry segments.

Beyond Capital Funds invests in faith-driven founders with rapidly scaling investment opportunities with near-term exit options 5 years or less from the initial investment.

Sarah Jennings is a co-founder of Beyond Capital Funds and the Director of the Beyond Angel Network. Sarah is also a co-founder and one of the managing members of Beyond Capital Management, a management company for venture funds.

Sarah has been a panelist and podcast speaker for venture capital and entrepreneurship podcasts and events across the United States. Sarah resides in Dallas, Texas, and is a magna cum laude finance graduate of Cedarville University. In her free time, Sarah enjoys being outdoors, watching a sports game, and reading a good book.

Sarah talks about her background, the kind of investments they are looking for, the challenges and rewards, and all you need to know about The Beyond Capital Fund. 

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