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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Dr. Harvey Castro, author of the book ChatGPT and Healthcare.

Written by a highly experienced healthcare professional and medical correspondent, this book presents a compelling case for using ChatGPT to transform the way we approach healthcare. With a strong leadership and mentorship track record, the author offers valuable insights and solutions for creating a more efficient and effective healthcare system. Whether you're a healthcare provider, patient, or industry professional, this book is sure to inspire and inform you as we work towards a brighter future for healthcare.

Dr. Harvey Castro is a critically acclaimed author, writer, and sought-after medical media expert & speaker who shares his experiences and knowledge nationally and locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Dr. Harvey attended Texas A&M and graduated with a BS/BA in Biomedical Science and Political Science. 

Dr. Castro went to Medical School at UTMB, Galveston, Texas. He began writing books for other medical students to pay for his medical books. He went to Emergency Medicine Residency in Bethlehem, Pa., and started his heart vitamin company. When arriving in Dallas/Fort Worth TX area, his first job was to create over 30 iPhone Andriod apps in health care, as a speaker for ACEP ( American College of Emergency Physicians) for health care applications. Then as a consultant for healthcare companies, he founded the 'Trusted ER in DFW.' Dr. Castro has always had a passion for helping others and is currently working on his MBA and looks to graduate in December 2020.

Dr. Harvey discusses what inspired him to write his book, the latest in Chat GPT, all the AI advancements in the healthcare sector, and his predictions for the future of the industry.

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