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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Salvatore Buscemi, CEO and Co-Founding Partner at Harlem River Navy ("HRN").

Located in Las Vegas, NV, USA, HRN  is a referral-only private investment platform that makes principal investments into private opportunities operated by world-class, pedigreed entrepreneurs and operators.

HRN was formed as a direct result of the successes the founding partners and their respective families have enjoyed across statement-class real estate assets and venture capital. Their partnership leverages their reputation, capital, and relationships to sustain and grow the legacy of their member families.

Salvatore has a 20-year career managing cross-asset investment strategies across privately held assets, including real estate principally, institutional-based credit, equity and venture fund creation and management, and private direct investment structures. 

Salvatore has a strong track record of creating value through the challenging environments of 2008 and the extreme environments in 2020. He is experienced in building world-class investment teams and creating a powerful culture that thrives on entrepreneurialism.

Salvatore shares about investment in sports, common founder's mistakes when raising money, how to provide value to your investors, and much more.

Visit HRN at, and on

Reach out to Salvatore at,,, and on  And buy his book at

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