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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Kurt Wilkin, CEO of HireBetter, Managing Partner of Bee Cave Capital, and Author of the book  “Who’s Your Mike?”.

For over 25 years, Kurt has advised high-growth, middle-market companies. Through his roles as CEO of HireBetter and a Managing Partner of Bee Cave Capital, he had the opportunity to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs—challenging and inspiring them to take their companies to that much-hyped “next-level.”

But before Kurt got to where he is now, he worked in some challenging roles. His goal in writing is to pull back the curtain on the business world and take the reader on the real entrepreneurial journey—bumps and all. No one gets to the top overnight without falling and making mistakes. He hopes to inspire and help others on their path by telling his stories.

Kurt is a  firm believer that business success is all about having the right people. During his career, he has been fortunate to work with hundreds of interesting companies. He hopes his book will inspire, challenge, and entertain you as you chart your course, wherever it may take you.

Kurt shares a bit of everything he had encountered in his business life, the inspiration behind his book, and much more. 

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