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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Anshuman Gwal, managing partner at Brightside Partners.

Located in Toronto, Ontario - Canada, Brightside Partners is an early-stage VC fund investing in startups that improve the way consumers meet their day-to-day needs (retail, healthcare, education, etc. aka foundational Industries). They are launching a venture capital fund to invest in "Day-to-day Tech” (D2D tech - technologies that disrupt incumbents in foundational industries and improve the day-to-day life of an average North American). 

Their focus on Foundational industries is complementary to their established core competencies, network with industry-leading incumbents, and deal flow. They have already started sourcing and accelerating startups that are relevant to their thesis (from pre-Seed through Series A investments). They are planning to launch a fund of around $17M with this mandate in early 2023.

Ansh, is a strategic leader with over $200M in sales with fortune 500 companies and has managed relationships with large multinationals in Data and AI space. He is highly passionate about connecting with relevant accelerators, startups, and investors to capture their interests and focus areas. 

Ansh has managed large technology partnerships and teams across the globe with a strong network in emerging tech hubs such as India that startups value heavily to execute the ideas. He is also very active in influencing startups as a member of the Founders Institute and with various startup accelerator programs.

Ansh advises investors and fundraisers and provides seed funding for startups.

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