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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Luigi Amati, Chairman at META.

META is an international advisory and investment firm dedicated to the creation of knowledge-intensive companies. The group’s main activities are research results exploitation, support for startup creation and scale-up, and early-stage equity investment.

Through dedicated and independent business units (academy, investment, advisory), META coaches researchers and knowledge-intensive startups, invests from proof of concept to scale up and advises European, national, regional, and local governments on innovation and entrepreneurship policy.

Luigi started out as a researcher, developing computational mechanics software for a spin-off of Imperial College London before founding META in 1993. He is an experienced researcher, entrepreneur, ecosystem-builder, and investor, and this gives him the possibility to navigate all stages of the “knowledge to market” journey and entrepreneurial life-cycle.

As an angel investor, in 2007, he was one of the nine founding members of “Italian Angels for Growth,” today the largest angel group in Italy, and he now serves as the Chairman of Business Angels Europe.

Luigi graduated Summa cum Laude in Engineering from the University of Rome and holds a Master of Science and a Diploma from Imperial College London.

Luigi advises startups and investors, and discusses his investment thesis and the state of angel investing.

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