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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Mark Hayward, business mentor and accredited leadership coach, creator, host of the Absolute Business Mindset podcast, and an experienced real estate investor.

After 14 years in the corporate world, Mark left and started a podcast agency, where he teaches people the importance of the story, refining ideas, how to plan and publish episodes, and how to move from an idea to monetising a podcast. On his podcast, Mark interviews entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, and industry leaders who share their stories of success. He enjoys delving deep into their area of specialism and asks unique questions. Mark helps his clients turn an idea into a successful and sustainable business. He also assists them through the early stages of a startup, showing them the building blocks of a business. 

Mark has a portfolio of properties in London, and he sources deals for other property investors. 

Mark shares his background, discusses his podcast show and agency, challenges he has faced, common myths about podcasts, advantages of having a podcast, and more. 

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