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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Devin Miller, Founder of Miller IP Law and Host of The Inventive Journey Podcast.

Headquartered in Mountain Green, Utah, and founded in 2019, Miller IP Law is a law firm that assists startups and small businesses with patents and trademarks across the US and worldwide. Miller IP Law is changing the law firm model to make patents and trademarks approachable, affordable, and understandable by providing transparent flat-fee pricing, easy-to-reach attorneys, and easy processes.

Headquartered in Morgan, Utah, guests on The Inventive Journey Podcast share the journey that led up to the founding/co-founding of the startup or small business. The show focuses on the journey rather than a pitch for the services/products the startup/small business may offer. 

In addition to his law firm, Devin also founded his first startup while earning his Law & MBA degrees (for a total of 4 degrees). Since then, he has founded several 7 & 8-figure startups in wearables, product development, website design, and religious products.

Devin speaks about the role of intellectual property in the startup world, the driving trend in this space, and if he could start a company today, what it would be.

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