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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes James Wagoner, CEO at Joule Case.

Joule Case is a portable power station that replaces gas generators and provides power wherever the power grid is unavailable or unreliable. Joule Case has developed a patented alternative energy technology solution that will make it the standard oil of the green revolution. 

Joule Case provides innovation in a largely stagnant battery market, replacing noxious generators with clean, safe, cost-efficient renewable power in the fast-growing event-power industry with music festival partners like Burning Man and Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). 

James builds teams, manages resources, and aligns with the long-term vision. As a licensed professional engineer with years of developing technical projects and products, he comes from a technical background and understands the importance of people for any large technical project, product, or organization. James excels at building rapport and aligning incentives to unify diverse teams and organizations. Throughout his career, he drives for a better, greener world through technology development and implementation. He enjoys both professional and personal challenges, such as climbing Mt. Rainier and cycling from San Francisco to LA.

James discusses running a business in the energy industry and shares some of the challenges startups face. He speaks about potential rewards and mentions the differences between his company and competitors.

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