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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Edward Ismawan Chamdani, Managing Partner at Ideosource VC, Gayo Capital, and StarCamp.

Ideosource Venture Capital started in 2011 investing in more than 30+ tech startups with a combined valuation of multiples of billions of US dollars in 2021.

Ideosource VC was set up as a two GP partnership with Andi S. Boediman who is now heading the Ideosource Entertainment, and Edward leads the impact and green investment in Gayo Capital, both set up around 2018 until now. A venture builder StarCamp Asia was set up in early 2021 to ride on Web 3.0 potential and initiatives.

Edward serves as a board member of (Indonesian Venture Capital and Startup Association), and (Security Crowdfunding Association). He has a personal purpose to unlock the ultimate potential of Indonesia sustainably from various aspects mainly in leveraging human capital surplus and abundant natural resources via technology disruption and implementation. He contributes to various startup events, fintech/other sectors, and government policy as a contributor, advisor, mentor, and speaker.

Edward discusses his investment thesis, advises investors and startups, and shares what excites him in the industry. 

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