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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Adam Judelson, President and COO at mePrism.

Founded in 2019, me​Prism believes that your online data is your property and that you have a natural right to privacy and the freedom to make choices without hidden influence. me​Prism hopes to help its clients collect all of this data from the many corners of the Internet, organize that data and place it in their mePrism Data Bank account. If companies need that data to make their products work for you, they can pay you for your consent through mePrism’s marketplace. Companies that bid for your data are required to explain how they will use it so that you can decide for yourself if that is what's best for you and your family's privacy. You control your data. You know who is using it, why, and exactly how they are using it.

Adam is a serial entrepreneur. He has spent his career protecting the public interest with data, from his time as a national security analyst in the government to Palantir Technologies where he headed up the most profitable product line, to his role as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown teaching a course he pioneered called Disruptive Analytics. Adam brings a unique blend of mission orientation, product and technology passion, and analytic rigor to each of his endeavors as well as the ability to convey the most complex topics simply to any audience.

Adam discusses what led him to start working in the data industry and how mePrism fits into the landscape, government controls and how it impacts businesses, monetizing data and more.

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