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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Ahmet Şener, Managing Partner at Smart Citizenship.

Smart Citizenship, is a citizenship-by-investment consultancy company aiming to bring unprecedented transparency to overseas investments made for the purpose of attaining secondary passports or alternative residencies. Powered by Smart Choice, the only algorithmic decision support system in the industry which takes into account more than 30 signals under 8 different subgroups enabling the investors to limit risk, and save time and money while taking on the daunting task of investing overseas.

The mastermind behind "Smart Choice", Ahmet is out to disrupt a very stubborn and old-fashioned industry. A business management graduate by training and an entrepreneur by nature, Ahmet is combining his past careers as a real estate developer, a marketing agency founder, a public diplomacy expert, and a CMO of a market-leading fund advisory firm in order to build a multi-cultural team of global experts who make up the backbone of Smart Citizenship.

Ahmet discusses the growth rate of the investment migration industry and some of the challenges entrepreneurs and investors face.

You can visit Smart Citizenship at, and via LinkedIn at    

Ahmet can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at


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