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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Alex Fauvel, Founder and General Partner at Two Hop Ventures.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, North Holland, Two Hop Ventures is a traditional investment firm that invests capital in projects from around the globe that aim to secure the internet on a blockchain. The fund focuses on pre-seed to seed-stage startups and does not acquire or handle any crypto tokens of any kind. As a first-time fund manager that performed its final closing in April last year, Two Hop Ventures was able to raise just €2.7Mln. Having invested over €1Mln of the capital, Two Hop Ventures was able to acquire stakes in companies that have seen a book value increase of 30x. Two Hop ventures will be opening a second fund towards the end of 2022 with the same investment focus.

Founder of the first public venture capital fund focused solely on the version of BitCoin that follows Satoshis Vision, Alex is committed to ensuring that BitCoin fits seamlessly into our world. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Alex understands the importance of the development of technical standards in the growth of an industry. He is a member of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee and knows that the Committee will be able to assist parties in developing robust standards that allow companies to interoperate seamlessly across all types of industries.

Alex shares with Hall what excites him now in Bitcoin and how he sees the industry evolving. He advises startups and investors and discusses some of the challenges they face.

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