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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Gary Nacht, Co-founder at Sterling Advisory Services, dba CAFÉ Central.

Sterling Advisory Services, dba CAFÉ Central, advises troubled and underperforming companies, helping them return to cash-flow positive. They also acquire "corporate orphans," distressed and underperforming companies no longer wanted by their owners and looking for a fast, under-the-radar solution to a quick exit with no strings attached. In addition, they help pre-revenue and early-stage SMBs use a CAFÉ ("Continuous Agreement for Future Equity") to raise capital, either stand-alone or in conjunction with other fundraising activities.

Gary has been acquiring and advising companies for over 30 years, specializing in helping companies improve profitability, cash flow, and liquidity. His acquisitions included Kmart Canada ($1.2 billion Canadian big-box retailer), Gemini Industries ($160 million Philips-branded consumer electronics distributor), GPX Inc. ($180 million private label CE company), AmerTac ($60 million distributor of lighting accessories), and Northern Reflections ($100 million, 150-store Canadian womenswear retail chain). In most cases, the companies acquired were either 1) “pre-bankruptcy” corporate orphans no longer wanted by their owners (private equity, corporate parents, etc.) looking for a fast-track, off-the-radar exit with high certainty of closing, or 2) companies in private equity portfolios at the end of the fund’s life that were never sold.

Gary discusses his new investment structure - Continuous Agreement for Future Equity (CAFE) - what inspired him to create it, who the primary user is, and who else can benefit from it.

You can visit Sterling Advisory Services, dba CAFÉ Central, at, and via LinkedIn at

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