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In this episode, Hall welcomes Ryon Anderson, CEO and Founder of Ryon Esquire.

Ryon Esquire strives to help organizations, teams, and individuals achieve operational excellence through focusing on mindset, systems, discipline, culture, and creative solutions. The company works with entrepreneurs, athletes, and founders, and creatives hire him to improve their mental game and achieve peak performance for their mind, body, and spirit. Ryon helps them bring their A-game to every aspect of life and business.

Ryon wants to change the world by leading, inspiring, and challenging the status quo! After losing his vision from a random illness at age 11, he was lost. Up until then, his dream and vision were to be an NFL quarterback. Losing his vision not only took his dream from him, but it also stole his identity. Unknown at the time, he had this drive to be great! He thrives on challenges and ultimately turned what most consider a disability into his greatest challenge because challenges can be beaten, while disabilities cannot. Ryon channeled his competitiveness into the only thing he felt he could be great at - his education. He went on to obtain an MS in Counseling Psychology and a law degree from Texas Tech School of Law; he is a member of the Texas Bar. But it all felt so empty. Ryon obtained these degrees because they made him employable as a blind person - they were just credibility checks. 

It was during this period of empty pursuit of societal excellence that he started on his journey of self-improvement. He discovered he still maintained the identity of an NFL quarterback. It has now shifted from physical skills to intangible traits, three of which are in his mission statement: inspire, lead, and serve along with unite, motivate, care for, and help achieve desired goals. Ryon is still quarterbacking. Ryon starts with “why?” when coaching individuals and consulting companies. Once an individual and/or company understands their true “why?”, their true beliefs, they can work together to implement creative strategies to not only achieve but blow beyond those desired results.

Ryon discusses his background, some of the challenges he has faced, and how the coaching industry is evolving.


You can contact Ryon at, via LinkedIn at, via Twitter at, and via email at

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