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In this episode, Hall welcomes angel investor Richard Teideman.

Richard is the Commercial Director and an investor with a private family office based in the UK. He has owned 7 companies, with one trade sale and one IPO on the London Stock Exchange. He has been personally investing since 2008 and currently has six investments including wastewater engineering, railroad engineering, digital assets custody, AI-based healthcare, and intelligent data integration.

Richard began his business career by sub-contracting a newspaper round to a friend at the age of 9 years old. He was part of a group running PA systems in London at the age of 13. At heart a polymath, he has knowledge of a broad range of industries.

Richard is an accredited MCIM former marketer, and during his marketing career gained the following awards: Winner London International Advertising Awards, Snapshot OTC (digital) Winner Travel Marketing Awards X3, (TV / Digital), (Digital),(Integrated), (Marketing / Social) Franchise Marketing Awards (Retail) Judging Panel of the New York Festivals X3 promoted to the New York Festivals Grand Jury, Freeman of the City of London, a member of the Company of World Traders, and the Worshipful Company of Marketors. During his career, he also has been involved with the launch of over 40 motion pictures (credit list available) and 10 computer games. He is also a well-established professional voice-over with two international agents over the past 20 years.

Richard attended his first angel investment round in London in 2009 and has been a regular investor since.

Richard discusses how he sees the angel industry evolving, the biggest change he has seen, and some of the challenges angel groups face. He also shares with Hall some good opportunities for investors to pursue.

Richard can be contacted via LinkedIn at

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