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In this our 600th episode, Hall welcomes Paul Glover, Author of “WorkQuake” and Executive Coach at Paul Glover Coaching.

Paul is the “no BS work performance coach”, a "recovering trial lawyer", an ex-felon, an unabashed Starbucks addict, a Chicago Bears fanatic, the author of WorkQuake, a speaker on business and leadership topics, and a member of the Forbes Coaching Council.

In 2001, based on his personal experiences as a federal court trial lawyer and a set-back survivor, Paul created a unique coaching program, recognizing the primary reason why convincing successful leaders to engage in the hard work necessary to improve their leadership skillset was so difficult was that leaders seldom know the truth about the weaknesses in their leadership skill set. This lack of knowledge exists because of the inherent nature of positional authority which eliminates the psychological safety necessary for others in the organization to tell leaders the unfiltered truth. This lack of truthfulness about their leadership skill set restrains both the leader and their organization from reaching their full potential. For the last 20 years, he has used a coaching program based on a measurable improvement process that holds leaders accountable for eliminating the filters and stuff that surrounds them. But, more importantly, it also requires leaders to discover their blind spots and their propensity for producing self-inflicted injuries which constrain their organizations and themselves from realizing their full potential. And, finally, it requires that they take the corrective action necessary to eliminate those constraints.  

Paul discusses the inspiration behind his book, the primary audience, what surprised him the most whilst writing it, and the most important takeaway.

You can visit Paul at his website, via LinkedIn at, via Twitter at, and via email at  

You can purchase his book from his website or from Amazon, at

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