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In this episode, Hall welcomes Lucas Caneda, Global Team Lead & Director at Uniqorn Incubator.

The largest rural incubator-accelerator of its kind in the world, UNIQORN features an eclectic team of seasoned professionals with a proven track record in taking technology startups from inception all the way to exit.

UNIQORN's attractiveness is built around comprehensive incubation and acceleration services for technology startups. They encourage project leaders from all over the world to come and settle in Sarlat, a fascinated ecosystem for startups to succeed. They also act as a potential media investor in the startups they accept to incubate and accelerate.

A student of engineering, management, economics, and self-taught in nutrition and fitness, Lucas has always had a very keen interest in business, entrepreneurship, and personal development

He is a professional rugby player for Sarlat Rugby Team. Lucas grew up as a die-hard rugby fan and started playing at the tender age of 5. Despite suffering what many thought would be a career-ending knee injury, he moved to France and built a career as a professional rugby player. After a few years in France, Lucas joined the Sarlat Rugby Team and the incubator's rugby program.

Lucas discusses his background, his criteria for startups, and some of the challenges he faces running an incubator.

You can visit Uniqorn Incubator at, and via LinkedIn at

Lucas can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at,  

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