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In this episode, Hall welcomes Riley Oickle, Owner and CEO of Riley Oickle Investments.

Investing in real estate can be a stressful endeavour. Without systems and processes in place, chaos can set in quite quickly and money can be lost. For those of you that are ready to do your first investment deal but are fearful of the unknown, a joint venture is a fantastic option. Becoming a joint venture partner with Riley Oickle real estate investor is a great opportunity to get an understanding of real estate investing, while also owning equity in a property.

Riley Oickle is a graduate from Western University where he studied Business & Kinesiology while competing in Varsity Track & Field.  From the age of 18 to 24, he started multiple businesses including ‘Home Maintenance London’ & ‘RO Business Consulting’ which combined,  surpassed $2 million in revenue. Since then, Riley still operates his businesses from afar, and now focuses his career in real estate investing full-time. He is passionate about helping people take their first step toward financial freedom through the investment vehicle of real estate.

Riley advises investors and discusses where he sees the real estate industry going. He speaks about his investment thesis and some of the challenges investors face.

Riley can be contacted via email at, via his website at, and via LinkedIn at

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