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In this episode, Hall welcomes Ken Hubbard, CEO of The Pitch Company.

As investors, The Pitch Company feels that business leaders would be more successful if they could get their company story out more concisely and with the pertinent information they need, in an expedited and organized structure.​ The Pitch Company’s frustration with the process led them to test over 60 different pitch templates for effectiveness. They realized it was not just the template that was the culprit, but the need for coaching by investors that makes the difference.

Building his first company in 1988, Ken, late to the party, scrambled to catch up to the rocketing computer industry. He shortly found a home in one of the fasting growing integration companies followed up with starting and developing revolutionary data center equipment. After a short hiatus, he began dabbling in angel investing.

Though he had raised significant funding, both debt and equity throughout his career, being on the other side of the table, as an investor, came with a different type of responsibility. Business leaders wanted advice on their business. Ken quickly learned that most business leaders had a basic understanding of how to pitch their companies but didn't understand what the investors were interested in and how they wanted the information. So he studied all the great presentations, built a system, and tested it for over 4 years. 

Ken discusses how he sees the state of startup investing progressing post-COVID-19, some of the challenges startups face, and how The Pitch Company fits into the landscape.

Ken can be contacted via email at, via his website at, via telephone at (949)342-4449, and via LinkedIn at

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