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In this episode, Hall welcomes Bryan Saint-Louis, Pastor, Investor & Host of the M.A.D. Casters Podcast.

M.A.D. Casters focuses on people who are looking to make differences in their lives (financial freedom, spiritual growth, personal growth, etc) and those actively making differences in their communities (nonprofits, charities, social justice, organizations, etc). The goal is to inspire those around us to be the change they want to see.

Bryan is currently a Youth Pastor in Calgary, Canada. He has worked in the youth sector for much of his adult life. Youth work was never something that he had considered in the past but was something that he truly fell in love with once the opportunity was in his journey. He worked as a youth specialist at a juvenile detention facility in Michigan. It gave him a realization about life that he has never seen before and was the catalyst that opened his heart to youth mentoring.

Bryan eventually became a teacher and principal at a school for at-risk youth who were on the path most likely where they would not graduate high school. He often likes to use the phrase "youth that are misunderstood" rather than at-risk because once you actually get to know them, their stories tell you why they're in their current predicaments. His approach has always been to look at life through a different lens in order to see the full picture. He mentors youth and helps them figure out their passions. 

The concept of impact has led him to build M.A.D. Casters (Make a Difference Podcast) where they highlight high-impact leaders, people, and organizations that are actively changing the world around them.

As an investor, Bryan started into the space of private equity two years ago. Ever since then, he has not looked back. He has invested in 80 companies through equity crowdfunding platforms. He's also a brand ambassador for FrontFundr. He's invested in cryptocurrencies as well.

Bryan advises inventors and entrepreneurs, shares how he sees the crowdfunding industry evolving, and discusses his investment thesis.

You can listen to the M.A.D. Casters Podcast at, and via Twitter at  

Bryan can be contacted via email at, via LinkedIn at, and via Instagram at

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