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In this episode, Hall welcomes Bruce Wayne Meleski, Ph.D., Executive Director at Neuroception360.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Neuroception360 helps individuals achieve their prime brain performance through mind integration. They aim to be the premiere Light, Color, and Vibration (LCV) system for mental well-being. LCV is a broad set of measurable embodied techniques that can create quick shifts in one’s state of mind. The techniques use neuroplasticity to train new neural pathways that result in calmer emotions, greater awareness, and new perceptions of one’s environment. Their signature technique, Mind Alive Experience, creates a state of “ultra-relaxation”. A series of these sessions quickly emerges a new state of resilience and a novel mind integration pathway.

Dr. Meleski began research into the role of sleep in a modern wellness lifestyle. He quickly identified the need for an integrated systems approach. After several years of experimentation, he developed the Neuroception 360 model for mind integration. 

Bruce received an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, he earned an MA and Ph.D. in Human Biology and Sports Science from the University of Texas at Austin. His career at IBM and healthcare providers has blended information systems, healthcare delivery, and human performance.

Bruce discusses with Hall the state of investing in the neuroscience space and some of the challenges startups face.

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