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In this episode, Hall welcomes Emmie Chang, CEO and Founder of Hoo Inc. is a livestream platform intended for interactive content designed like a tv show. They are a new way for performers to interact with their audiences and for audiences to interact with their friends. More importantly, performers can monetize directly on the platform by charging whatever they want for content that they own!

They do this by combining a scalable livestream with unlimited small group video chats to create your online presence amongst friends. Discuss Wes Anderson films with top film influencers and your friends and come on 'stage' to showcase your knowledge or broadcast a YouTube concert with your friends.

The team is comprised of a YC alum and an experienced tech team that has built multiple streaming platforms in the past.

Emmie is a serial tech entrepreneur currently building Hoo. Prior to working on Hoo, she spent time building innovative products for financial firms including a US stock exchange and a hedge fund. She is a Y-Combinator alum and scaled a consumer marketplace in her first venture-backed business. Prior to startups, Emmie spent time working at NASA and building products for education technology. Emmie holds a BSEE from Rice University and an MBA From the University of Texas-Austin. She currently resides between Los Angeles and Miami.

Emmie shares with Hall what led her to start working in this space and discusses how she sees the industry evolving.

You can visit Hoo Inc. at

Emmie can be contacted at and via LinkedIn at

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