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In this episode, Hall welcomes Brett P. Swarts, Founder & CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions and host of the Capital Gains Tax Solutions podcast. 

Headquartered in Folsom, California, Capital Gains Tax Solutions provide one-to-one business owner & investor guidance throughout your entire deferred sales trust process, from selling to reinvesting. They will help you outline the options of selling or not selling and the tax consequences for each deferral strategy, including Deferred Sales Trust, Opportunity Zones, 1031 Exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts, & Charitable Remainder Trusts. Then they will teach you everything you need to know to design a tax-deferred deferred sales trust transformational exit plan & provide DST trustee services to help you achieve proven results.

Brett is considered one of the most well-rounded Capital Gains Tax Deferral Experts and informative speakers on the west coast. His audiences are challenged to lean into multiple capital gains tax deferral strategies, create and develop a tax-deferred passive cash flow optimal timing wealth plan of their own, and execute on this plan so they can create and preserve more wealth.  

Each year, he equips hundreds of business professionals with the Deferred Sales Trust tool to help their high-net-worth clients solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. 

Brett discusses capital tax gains and how entrepreneurs can manage those gains when they sell their business. He also advises startups who are just now launching their business and what they should do to prepare for an exit.

You can visit Capital Gains Tax Solutions, at, and via LinkedIn at To listen to Brett’s podcast, please click on

Brett can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at 

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