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In this episode, Hall welcomes Patrick Ryan, Founder of Aardvark Research/PSR Lawfirm, LLC.

Patrick is the founder of Aardvark Research for angel investing. His day job is at Tik Tok, where he leads the team of Technical Program Managers for global network security. Before TikTok, Patrick was a Strategy and Operations Principal at Google for 9 years. Patrick has also co-founded companies including Towersource (a search engine for vertical assets) and Fastback Networks (wireless 5G).

In addition to work, Patrick is an academic and author of more than thirty papers about technology policy. He is the former Faculty Director of the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program at CU-Boulder. Patrick holds a Ph.D. from Leuven (in Belgium), an MBL from the University of St.Gallen (Switzerland), and a JD from the University of Texas. Patrick speaks fluent Spanish, French, and German and is currently studying literature, Chinese and Russian.

Patrick discusses the state of venture capital investing and his investment thesis. He also advises startups and investors.

You can visit Aardvark Research/PSR Lawfirm, LLC, at

Patrick can be contacted via email at and via LinkedIn at You can also access a list of his scholarly papers at  

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