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In this episode, Hall welcomes Cam Houser, Founder of Actionworks.

Located in Austin, Texas, Actionworks mixes humans (from companies, universities, and governments) with algorithms trained on interesting topics (from business books to psychology textbooks to everything Paul Graham ever wrote) to create a process that helps organizations innovate. 

For over a decade, Cam has used video to win customers and build social capital. Actionworks' flagship offering is Minimum Viable Video, a cohort-based online course that teaches camera confidence and smartphone video. Cam also teaches entrepreneurship to students in 30 countries as an entrepreneurship educator and University of Texas professor. Before Actionworks, Cam founded 3 Day Startup, an organization accelerating 20,000 entrepreneurs at 300 institutions, including Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. Alumni have raised hundreds of millions of dollars, participated in Y Combinator, and exited to Google.

Cam shares with Hall what excites him now in the sector. He advises entrepreneurs and investors, and discusses what he sees as immediate opportunities for investors to pursue.

You can visit Actionworks at, via LinkedIn at, and via Twitter at  

Cam can be contacted at, and via LinkedIn at  

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