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In this episode, Hall welcomes Alex Suarez, Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer at Door Capital Partners, LLC and Managing Partner at Suarez Law Group. 

Door Capital Partners is a private equity firm investing in hospitality assets to increase its revenue and value through efficient management and a passionate vocation to service to their guests.

Suarez Law Group provides strategic legal advice to companies, private funds, and family offices with their cross-border business and investment projects.

In addition to being the co-founder and Chief Legal Officer at Door Capital Partners, Alex is also a business attorney and has been legal advisor to family offices and private investors in projects in  the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Spain for the past 20 years with renowned international law firms. Currently, he manages a boutique international business law firm, Suarez Law Group, while he co-manages Door Capital Partners. He is an advisor on the board of directors of several companies for strategic topics of international expansion. He is a private investor in startups in the city of Austin, Texas.

Alex discusses how he sees the industry evolving and advises investors and entrepreneurs in the space.

You can visit Door Capital Partners LLC at, and via LinkedIn at

You can visit Suarez Law Group at www.suarez law, and via LinkedIn at

Alex can be contacted via email at, and via LinkedIn at  

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