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In this episode, Hall welcomes Reagan Rodriguez, Founder & Chief Volunteer Officer at WORTHYdomes.

WORTHYdomes designs and manufactures sustainable long-term dome structures providing near-immediate housing relief in hard-hit areas. The domes are easy-to-assemble dwellings that can be erected in one hour by a team of two unskilled laborers allowing for entire communities to re-stabilize speedily after disaster housing crises.  

Thoughtfully positioned at the intersection of disaster relief and affordable housing, WORTHYdomes comes alongside impoverished communities after natural disasters and war decimate both their landscapes and economies. The WORTHYdome system provides “off the grid” housing where utilities may have been interrupted. The proprietary structural design and building materials feature high-wind stability, bullet-proof walls, solar panels, and water filtration through reverse osmosis ensuring drinking water is 99% clean. 

WORTHYdomes serves communities and individuals – caring for their physical, personal, and spiritual needs, and they seek to see entire communities transformed so that no one is invisible or overlooked. They work in such a way as to help communities prosper by offering solutions that are sustainable for generations. 

Reagan is a futurist and currently works in microfinancing through his crowdfunding portal, WORTHYcrowdfunding. He provides unique, timely, sustainable dome shelter structures to those communities impacted by natural disaster scenes around the world. Inspired to develop cost-effective, but lasting shelter in the wake of the devastation he witnessed in Haiti in 2010, he came up with the idea for WORTHYdomes. His team built more than 100 domes in Haiti, which are still standing 10 years later, even though the country has faced more hurricanes since then. However, WORTHYdomes continued to be a side business for him until Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico in September 2017. When he witnessed the damage and the number of families without shelter, Reagan experienced this significant emotional event that drove him to better perfect the domes and to pursue a FEMA contract for disaster relief. He and his team built a medical clinic there, and as of 2020, there have been 3,000 live births at the clinic. 

Reagan and his wife Abigail split their residences between Miami, Florida, and

In this interview, Reagan shares the touching story of what led to the creation of WORTHYdomes. He also advises investors and explains how he sees the industry evolving.

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