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In this episode, Hall welcomes back Sajol Ghoshal, CEO & President at Advanced TeleSensors/Cardi/o.

Cardi/o is the first-to-market touchless cardiac sensing solution, making in-home health & wellness accessible to over 100 million people. Cardi/o makes everyday  health and wellness monitoring accessible in the home to all ages, independent of any wearable  device. Cardi/o patent protected radar treats the user’s body as their own transmitter, sensing  their cardiac-respiratory signals they automatically emit. Once collected, the data is transmitted  via WiFi to the cloud, then streams data in real-time to the Cardi/o App anywhere, anytime.  Users can realize even more convenience via their Amazon Alexa Cardi/o Skill. Cardi/o is being  shipped to customers starting December 2020. 

Sajol has done multiple startups with successful exits: Level One acquired by Intel in 1999 for $2.2B, Agere acquired by Lucent Technologies in 2001 for $450M, and TAOS acquired by Austria MicroSystems in 2011 for $350M. Most recently he was the Vice President of Emerging Sensor Strategies at ams AG where he developed multi-spectral optical sensors for sensing vital signs. As Vice President of Engineering of Agere he delivered the industry’s first 10Gigabit/s Network Processor and as Director of Engineering at Level One he delivered next-generation networking ICs. Sajol holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and is the author of over 20 patents.

In this interview, Sajol updates Hall on the company's growth since their last interview, explains the core technology of the platform, and advises investors in the space.

You can visit Advanced TeleSensors/Cardi/o at, via Twitter at, and via LinkedIn at

Sajol can be contacted via LinkedIn at, via email at, and via his mobile at (916)221-0151.

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