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In this episode, Hall welcomes Dick Blanc, Chairman of Beyond Angel Network and Fund and Executive Director of the Beyond Entrepreneurial Accelerator at Cedarville University. 

Located in Cedarville, Ohio, Cedarville University is forming a Cedarville University Angel Network, comprised of alumni and friends of the University. The Cedarville Angel Network is an investor network providing early-stage capital to strong entrepreneurial teams with developed products or services and early customer traction. The Angel Network will operate as an annual renewable membership platform with confidential access to curated investable startup companies and related due diligence information on each company. 

The Beyond Entrepreneurial Accelerator is an invitation-only program for students and alumni looking to scale their business. This experience mentors student-generated businesses through a self-guided series of digital materials and expert mentorship with our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiRs). Students enrolled in the entrepreneurship minor will automatically take part in the first installment of the accelerator experience, with validated student startups continuing on through the remainder of the program. Student-founders can earn course credit toward the entrepreneurship minor.

Dick is an advisor to multiple Fortune 500 and early-stage startup companies. Previously, he was managing partner with Accenture, LLP.

Dick shares his thoughts about the evolution of angel investing, the most significant changes he sees coming up, the faith-driven investment thesis of the network, and examples of companies that fit the thesis.

You can visit the Cedarville University Beyond Angel Network and Beyond Entrepreneurial Accelerator at

Dick can be contacted via LinkedIn at, and via email at

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