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In this episode, Hall welcomes David Weaver, Partner & Chief Investment Officer at City Side Ventures.

With its headquarters in Birmingham, Michigan, City Side Ventures is a venture group that manages various venture funds and represents investor syndications across the U.S. Their group is committed to being a catalyst in growing the startup ecosystem in Michigan, and in connecting Israeli early-stage companies to U.S. investors.

David is a highly-accomplished business executive, results-driven leader, and innovative problem solver with an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of urgency. He has over 35 years of diversified management experience, including global profit/loss responsibility (Johnson & Johnson), turning around troubled business operations (Warner-Lambert), and directing major market shift for clients to achieve new growth. He is an expert at building management teams and setting and exceeding milestones. David has also helped raise private (angel), venture (VC) and public (IPO) capital of over $35 million. He is a former Captain in the USAF and a founding member of the Michigan Venture Capital Association and the Angel Capital Association.

David shares his advice with Hall about running and investing in startups. He speaks about the state of angel investing, how he sees it evolving, and the investment thesis of the company.

You can visit City Side Ventures at

David can be contacted via LinkedIn at, and via email at

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