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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Mike Jarmuz, General Partner at Lightning Ventures.

Headquartered in NYC, NYC, Lightning Ventures is an exclusively Bitcoin-focused network of investors, operators, and developers, dedicated to supporting lightning network adoption worldwide.

Mike Jarmuz… or Muzz…is a General Partner at Lightning Ventures and is focused on investing in Bitcoin companies. His goal is to evangelize and demystify early-stage investing to plebs and whales alike. Mike is also passionate about educating founders and operators on strategies to fund their projects. Muzz believes everyone should invest in technology companies (not just the suits) and that investing in Bitcoin companies is the best thing a pleb can do to compliment their HODL position. What else? Mike also co-organizes the Unconfiscatable Conference, and is an advisor to Azteco. He has a serious angel investing addiction and has invested in over 1500 companies. Some of his Bitcoin investments are Fold, Swan, The Bitcoin Company, Impervious, Start9, Breez, Scarce City, and more. 

Mike speaks about investing in Bitcoin, how he sees the industry evolving, and some of the challenges investors and startups face.

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