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In this episode, Hall welcomes Olusegun Okubanjo, Managing Partner of Obsidian Capital.

Based in London, Obsidian Capital is a boutique investment banking firm that arranges infrastructure-oriented, transaction-based funding for mid-sized clients in West Central and East Africa. They are excited about Emerging Africa's economic potential and are committed to supporting private-sector led growth on the continent by providing onshore institutional clients access to the best global investment banking services.​ They create, incubate and invest directly in high-growth businesses in the region, and are less focused on specific sectors and more focused on investing in the right people - who have ambitious ideas, foresight and passion to change the world.

Olusegun has over 20 years of experience in wealth management and investment banking and is skilled in crafting and implementing sophisticated financial solutions to the uniquely complex personal and corporate investment structures that are typical of the entrepreneurial clients in emerging Africa.

Prior to joining OBSIDIAN, Olusegun was Executive Director, Africa at UBS, London. He began his career with ARM Investment Managers, Lagos and went on to head the West Africa offshore private client divisions at Standard Bank and Renaissance Capital and led a team covering West Africa at Barclays Wealth in London.

Olusegun has a BSc in Business Administration and an MBA in International Business from the Gardner School of Business & Technology, Wayne State College. He studied Law (Juris Doctor) at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, London.

Olusegun speaks with Hall about the state of investing in Africa, what excites him as an investor and what Obsidian Capital’s investment thesis is. 

You can visit Obsidian Capital at

Olusegun can be contacted via LinkedIn at, via Twitter at and via email at

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