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In this episode, Hall welcomes Tony Jeff, President and CEO of Innovate Mississippi & Mississippi Angel Network who accelerate startups and drive entrepreneurship throughout the state. They strengthen and grow the culture of innovation in Mississippi.

Tony is a technology evangelist who speaks regularly on emerging trends and strategies in technology and innovation commercialization. Tony has overseen the coaching of more than 1,200 entrepreneurial ventures and he’s consulted with companies that have successfully raised more than $175 million in private-equity financing. 

He is excited by the breadth of the companies that Mississippi is seeing, especially out of young entrepreneurs. He explains where he sees the state of investing in angel-level deals, early-stage companies, how the industry is evolving and the changes he sees coming up.

Tony gives advice to both investors and startups, gives his thoughts on the challenges they face and he speaks about Innovate Mississippi’s investment thesis.

Visit Innovate Mississippi at

Tony can be contacted via LinkedIn at and via email at

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