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In this episode, Hall is joined by Xavier Segura, Managing Partner of Tessera Venture Partners, headquartered in New York. Tessera Venture Partners is an early-stage venture fund investing in transformative companies with exceptional founders “having at least one major exit in an area related to their current business”.

Xavier is not new to the world of investing in startups as prior to Tessera, he had operated, exited and grown many technology companies. He gives his advice to both investors and entrepreneurs and speaks about the various regulatory challenges in the space. Xavier also shares details on two of the five companies which are currently in Tessera’s portfolio. One is a cloud-based platform that enables merchants to sell everywhere using mobile devices as well as digital insurance claim processing and payment, and the other is a financial technology company leveraging blockchain, AI and analytics to deliver home equity lending, reverse mortgages  and other financial products.

Xavier is very excited about blockchain and the gig economy and welcomes any questions or comments.

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