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The startup pitch is a key step in raising funding. You must be able to talk about your company in a compelling, coherent, and comprehensive manner in a short amount of time. 
Your pitch should contain the following:
The Attention Getter: Lead with the most compelling reason why you have a great business. 
State the Problem you are solving: It must be big enough to warrant customers to pay for it.
Show the Solution: Discuss the core product and how it is packaged and monetized. Try saying what it does in 6 words or less.
Size the Market: Do this at the Macro level and the Micro level in dollars and growth rate.
Identify the Competitive Advantage: What gives your business a 30% increase in revenue over your competition?
Discuss the Business Model: Is it recurring, a transaction fee, or other?
Show the Team: Demonstrate you have a complete team and they have experience.
Show the Growth Story: Sales, team, product, and fundraise are in motion.
Show the Investment Opportunity: How much you are raising, and what is raised so far in interest, committed or invested?

Make sure you hit these points in your next pitch.

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