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On this episode of Investor Connect, Hall welcomes Ivan Maltsev, General Partner at 3x Capital.

Located in Warsaw, Poland, 3x Capital is an ecosystem that supports founders in building blockchain products. 3x Capital invests in the early stage Web3, Infrastructure, and Defi startups, manages a Move2Earn guild, serves as validators for blockchains, curates investment communities, and recently launched a Web3 school for software engineers.

Since 2020 3x Capital has worked as a VC fund investing in the USA and EU-based startups leveraging 10 years of combined crypto investment experience and 18 exits, including Mina, Solana, Algorand Biconomy, and Braintrust.

Ivan holds an MS in Business Law and a Ph.D. in International economy. Since his childhood, Ivan was always curious about how to earn money, having launched 6 projects, including TastyGo. Since 2016, he has been investing in crypto, mainly in BTC and ETH. 

In 2018, he started to manage external capital, and finally, in 2020 he participated in the US program for entrepreneurs.

Ivan supports founders in building blockchain products.

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