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Are you curious about the future of high-end dining? You're in for a treat!

In this episode of Investor Connect, we're joined by Jim Bowen, the visionary Chief Development Officer at Debut Development Group.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Debut Development Group is a developer, owner, operator, and consultant for high-end hotels, resorts, restaurants, and entertainment venues with worldwide experience and credentials.

They are also the Exclusive franchisee in Canada for Fogo de Chāo, the renowned Brazilian restaurant brand with plans to roll out 10 locations in Canada’s major cities, starting with Toronto and Vancouver in Q2 2024. This year, Debut is also working on the 5-star Grand Hyatt Resort in the Cayman Islands and a 5-star Lifestyle Resort in Tulum, Mexico.

Jim Bowen is a Business development professional with 30 years of experience launching and managing international businesses, primarily in the real estate development and commercial design industries. His involvement in commercial real estate developments internationally has given him a unique perspective on fresh concepts for mixed-use retail developments.

Jim discusses their exclusive franchise with Fogo de Chão in Canada and their plans to open 10 locations. He emphasizes the importance of creating a unique dining experience, especially in the competitive restaurant industry. Jim also highlights the profitability of Fogo de Chão restaurants and their focus on accommodating various dietary preferences. He addresses challenges in the restaurant industry, including fluctuating ingredient costs.

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